Haute couture designer Debbie Wingham is no stranger to the intricate detail required to create a master piece with the wow factor. The art of embellishing and the ability to create a silhouette for a finale piece seems to translate perfectly with sugar artistry.

Debbie's interest in cakes is a fairly recent one, since motherhood began for Debbie like most mother's the appetite to get creative with the kids started a love affair with pastries and cake creating.

With the last few years been a whirlwind of international jet setting and showcasing diamond adorned collections such as 2012's world's most expensive black diamond dress valued at 3.5 million and 2013 Red diamond abaya valued at a whopping 11.7 million pounds. It’s amazing that she has had the time to establish Couture to cakes.

Debbie's cakes do embody her signature style and first love Fashion, which translates beautifully to bridal cake creations/ Grooms cakes and high fashion birthday cakes although like any other caketress she also creates some stunning children's cakes/graduation/new home and pretty much any other excuse you can think of where one might need a cake.

Special effects cakes seem to be fastly becoming her trade mark illuminated, rotating, levitating, built in music and moving parts certainly set Couture to Cakes by Debbie Wingham apart from the competition. Her flavours are quite innovative too, although Couture to Cakes do make the more traditional flavours such as chocolate truffle cake, Madagascan vanilla bean, luscious lemon and fruit cake, the more modern ones include coconut and lime, citrus n pumpkin seed and red velvet the more unusual ones are mint crunch chocolate cake, chilli chocolate, cocktail inspired flavours such as cosmopolitan, Moscow mule and kir royal and also lemon and basil. The design from the exterior of the cake is even in cooperated internally on some cakes so the cake itself is patterned inside for example animal print including leopard and zebra print more masculine ones include camouflage.

We also strives to make everything edible, no ribbon, brooches or adornments that aren't edible, everything should be edible Debbie states. It would be too easy for me to use some of my embellishments on the cakes, although they would be most effective and be very unique, I would still rather push myself to create edible adornments.

Couture to Cakes are strictly a one of a kind custom cake company and even take the specifications of you the client over to the flavour where possible. So everything about your cake is custom and personal. We take influence from invitations, garments, hobbies and interest, favourite films, favourite artists, Pets, the families story and so on…….. Debbie is already making her own moulds n stencils to ensure that she meets each client’s requirements.

The most popular cakes so far seem to be the evolution cake which is a 3 tier plus cake that tells that person’s story so far through the art of air brushed sunsets with black hand painted silhouettes, in some cases this cake rotates telling 2 people’s stories which is wonderful for an anniversary, birth of a baby, babies first birthday or wedding. This cake is always unique with subtle adornment details and different sunsets that fit the client’s story. Naturally designer hand bag and designer shoe cakes are popular with Debbie’s clients, her hand bags look like they should be carried and shoes be worn not eaten. However the mechanical edible cakes are by far the most popular with the reveal cake that as a hydraulic lift inside the upper central section of the cake that by remote control reveals a gift that the client wants to give to the receiver of the cake, often used for engagement parties or main birthdays like sweet 16, 18th or 21st with a piece of jewellery or a watch etc. The levitating cake is very popular too and is an amazing illusion which will leave the cake receiver and the guests in ore.

Couture to Cakes clients so far include Amanda Holden, the cast of Downton Abbey, The Hospice of St. Francis, Lloyds bank, Emmerdale’s Gemma Oaten, FOX network and writer/director of the walking dead Robert Kirkman, Lan Nguyen Grealis, Arabian royalty, and ITV's This Morning Sharon Marshall. Not bad for a company that was founded in the spring 2015. Couture to Cakes have been featured in The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Evening Standard, Cupcake Heaven, Wedding Cakes, Vanity Fair, Justin bieber, Rylan Clarke, Matt Edmondson and X Factor.