Couture to Cakes Events

Couture to Cakes Events are magical occassions that merge food, fashion, and cake artistry. In beautiful settings with custom built sets, edible scenes and enchanting hosts.

The events are a wonderful experince for both adults and children alike, including unusual eating experinces with molecular gastronomy treats that in the past have included eating the wrapper of a cupcake, eating a piping bag full of frosting and candy with edible wrapper. Aside from the molecular elements entire scenes are edible including life size chairs, fashion scenes and even runway looks all the model images below are made from edible materials even though they look like fabric, they are actually made from things such as cake lace, rice paper flowers, bubble gum art, chocolate and modeling chocolate work.

These installations take time to build and alot of thought, they are some where between an art exhibit meets and edible heaven.

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